Vermont Topsoil

There are currently no members in this area.

If you are a Topsoil and landscape material provider in this area 1-800-TOP-SOIL could be your phone number.

For information on becoming a 1-800-TOP-SOIL member Please call (800) 843-5296.


Topsoil Vermont Metropolitan Cities: Burlington and other areas.

1-800-TOP-SOIL members include the finest Topsoil and Landscaping supply companies in U.S., including the state of Vermont. 1.800.TOPSOIL provides an easily remembered number where people can get information about the availability of good topsoil in Burlington and the state of Vermont.

Topsoil is the upper surface of the Earth's crust, and usually is no deeper than approximately 20 centimeters. The Earth's topsoil mixes rich minerals and composted material, resulting in a nutritious substrate for plants and trees. Topsoil may be one of the Earth's most vital resources, because it represents a nutritional balance that provides food for many of the animals on Earth, either directly in the form of plant material or indirectly in the form of products from animals that eat plants.

Farmers are concerned about topsoil because it sustains their crops, but biologists also keep an eye on global topsoil health. Plants need healthy topsoil to survive, and it is actually very easy to damage. In nature, an assortment of plants combines with natural cycles of fire and water to maintain the topsoil. Plants hold the topsoil to the Earth, water nourishes the plants, and the plants die or are burned in fires to restore nutrients to the topsoil. When this cycle is disrupted by farming or clearcutting, the results can be disastrous.

Again, we currently have members spread throughout the United States, including Vermont. In order to find the topsoil and landscape supply company in Burlington, or your immediate area within Vermont, call 1.800.TOPSOIL.

All you need to do is call 1-800-TOPSOIL from anywhere in the country, and, if there is a member serving the metro area from which you are calling, such as Burlington, Vermont, you will be connected to that member.